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SELECT * FROM BIEN_IMMOBILIER as t0 LEFT JOIN BIENIMMOBILIER_TO_LANGUE as t1 ON t0.BIENIMMOBILIER_ID = t1.BIENIMMOBILIER_ID LEFT JOIN Ville as t2 ON t0.Code_Insee = t2.Code_Insee LEFT JOIN TYPE_BIEN_TO_LANGUE as t3 ON t0.Type_Bien_ID = t3.Type_Bien_ID LEFT JOIN DEPARTEMENT as t4 ON t2.Departement_Code = t4.Departement_ID LEFT JOIN REGION as t5 ON t4.Region_ID = t5.Region_ID WHERE t0.BienImmobilier_ID = '' AND BienImmobilier_Ref = '' AND t1.Langue_Nom ='Francais' AND t3.Langue_Nom ='Francais'
Erreur :
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